• Stall #321, Pingtung Donggang Huaqiao Market

    For a light and refreshing meal, visit this stall for sashimi that’s extra fresh, sweet, and juicy - not slimy.

    Ada’s seafood shop

    Super-fresh, melt-in-your-mouth sashimi that’s bursting with delicious flavour. This shop is also notable for its all-female crew, from the owner to the workers. Ada’s has a unique specialty for adventurous eaters - durian balls! This sweet-scented treat is a great initiation for durian newbies.

    Brother Hui’s Sashimi

    This shop gets good reviews for its low prices, generous portions, and high quality. Straight off the boat from neighbouring Houpi Fishing Port, their fish is fresh and tasty. When you eat here, be sure to take a stroll and enjoy the quaint fishing village atmosphere.

    Jia Zhen’s live seafood

    Located on Kenting Street, this easy-to-reach seafood restaurant boasts a long history and offers a variety of local specialties, as well as imported and cultivated seafood. The large menu has plenty of choices for everyone.

    Long Pan Restaurant

    Order Long Pan’s fresh wild octopus and taste the ocean in every chewy bite. The scallion-fried salt pork is tender and well-marbled, but not too fatty.

  • Ice Cream Buns

    Who says hamburgers have to be savory? These fresh-baked buns are stuffed with fresh fruit, ice cream, chocolate, corn flakes, and other toppings. Go ahead and take a bite - you’ll be surprised how well they go together! Adventurous eaters, you don’t want to miss this.

    Tipsy Popsicles

    Just as the name implies, these are boozy popsicles. Made from various fresh fruits and liquors and topped with chocolate drizzle, marshmallows, and a splash of vodka, these are a fun and unique dessert! The fresh fruits pack a lot of natural flavour, and the alcohol kicks it up a notch. If you don’t know what to order, the owner is happy to provide recommendations! *Minors are prohibited from consuming alcohol. Readers are reminded not to drive after consuming alcohol.

    Yong Bo Tea-smoked Duck

    Boss Yong Bo is exceptionally warm and welcoming, happy to indulge guests with an explanation of his different duck meats and how to eat them. If the choices overwhelm you, we recommend the “sweetheart-and-liver ” combo - fragrant and flavourful, this snack is extra-refreshing with a squeeze of lime. You won’t be able to stop!

    Bo Bo’s Brick-oven Pizza

    Located at the end of Kenting Street, Bo Bo’s offers small menus and big flavors. The crisp, golden crusts and gooey melted cheese are impossible to resist! This tiny shop is always busy, but the handsome owner greets every customer with genuine warmth.

  • Yuan Shun Tang

    Chase winter away with a steaming bowl of dumplings in sweet rice wine, a traditional Qing Dynasty recipe.

    Wanchin Church

    Got the winter blues? Let the bright colors and vibrant neighbourhood of this historic church warm your soul.

    Grandma’s No-Name Noodle Shop

    Simple, home-cooked comfort food - every grandma’s cure for a winter chill.

    Sichong Hot Springs

    There’s nothing better than soaking in a hot spring on a cold day.

    Longluan Lake

    Grab your binoculars and stake out a space by Longluan Lake, southern Taiwan’s top winter getaway for migrating birds.