• Dapeng Bay Bridge

    Spanning the mouth of Dapeng Bay, this beautiful and distinctive landmark is Taiwan’s first intracoastal bridge, as well as the country’s first and only drawbridge designed to let ships pass underneath.

    Fangliao Fishing Port

    Without the crowds and commotion of a typical tourist attraction, Fangliao Fishing Port offers an authentic fishing village experience where you can enjoy coastal views, watch sunsets and breath fresh sea air in peace and quiet.

    Getting to Xiao Liuqiu

    Xiao Liuqiu is Taiwan’s only coral reef island, accessible by ferry from Dongguan. The refreshing ocean breezes and coastal scenery make this 30-minute ferry ride an attraction in itself!

    Diving in Xiao Liuqiu Island

    The island is known for its clear water, amazing coral reefs, white sand beaches, and sea turtles.

    Ma Hua biscuits

    Crunch your way through a box of Xiao Liuqiu’s local specialty...and grab a few more for the road!