• Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park

    Visit the Taiwan Aboriginal Culture Park in Machia Township to learn about Taiwan’s aboriginal peoples. Sample rustic local cuisine and follow a local guide to tour tribal lands and understand their unique tribal cultures!

    Cocosun Villa

    Head to Cocosun Villa to hand-pick coffee beans, see how coffee is produced, and learn from an expert how to roast and prepare the perfect cup of coffee to share with your friends! They also offer family DIY chocolate-making classes for parents and kids to create sweet memories together.

    Wanluan Pig’s Feet

    In Pingtung, you can’t miss out on authentic Wanluan pig’s feet. Grab an order of this chewy, tender delicacy...plus a second order to go!

    Wanchin Church

    The ambience at this church varies a lot depending on whether you visit during the day or after dark. If you visit during Christmas, you might catch the Christmas light show - enjoy the story of Christmas projected onto the church wall!

    A Ji bo’s 60-Year Hot-Cold Ice

    If you want to get your hands on a bowl of this specialty shaved ice with home-cooked toppings, do as the locals do and go early - too late and you’ll be sorry!